Tribute to Mellette Hendrikse

On behalf the South African Golf Association, and in particular the Senior and Mid-Amateur national teams on tour in India at the moment, I extend our heartfelt condolences to Mellette’s family and friends.

Mellette was a much-liked and highly respected golfer, administrator, colleague and friend.

As a golfer he was held in high regard, both as a professional and following that, as an amateur again. In his later years as a Senior Amateur golfer he was constantly a force to be reckoned, always vying for top spot, earning his Protea colours for the first time, mere weeks before the tour to India.

As an administrator, Mellette was well-liked and respected. I admired for his forthright views and actions, because they were always premised on doing the right thing.

Lastly, as a friend and colleague he was completely trustworthy and he truly walked the walk, but never forgot to smell the roses on the way. That he was a trusted confidante to colleagues and friends alike speaks volumes of his highly regarded integrity of character.

His untimely passing shocked us all. Golf has lost a favourite son. The Senior and Mid-Amateur teams in India start the first test today and as a mark of our respect for him this test match series will be played in remembrance of Mellette, with silence being observed by the South African and Indian teams during the opening ceremony of this historic first test match between South Africa and India.

In my capacity as the acting President of the South African Golf Association, I unreservedly endorse the initiative and sanction the award of full Protea colours to Mellette posthumously.

I am shaken and deeply saddened by the passing of Mellette. Golf has lost a great servant and we will deeply miss this man who shared and the supported the vision to grow the game and take it from being good to bring great.

Rest in peace Mellette, rest in peace.

Geoff Taylor
SAGA: President (Acting)
Head of Delegation: Tour to India

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