The Bredenhann Ladies carry home the Silver to Namibia

Bonita Bredenhann and her mother Wilna made history at the final of the Boland Match Play Championships when they won the A and B Divisions to take all the silverware back to Namibia.

Boland President Charmaine Faygas reported that staying with tradition, the two matchplay days produced beautiful sunny weather although the wind kept up and temperatures remained down. Almost all the games were won with convincing margins with only one match out of all four divisions going to the 18th hole. Despite this, the quality of the golf was good and the high margins came as a result of risks being rewarded.

Semi Finals

In the A Division

Bonita Bredenhann beat Lumien Orton ( Lumien retired after 9 holes as result of a sore foot )

Iliska Verwey beat Anezel Zylstra

In the A Division Flight

Rushda Mallick beat Nicole Fourie

Mchaela Fletcher beat Mischca Lottering


All four matches ended on the 18th or went on to the 20th hole. Michaela Fletcher holed a great putt on the 18th to square the match with Rushda Malick. Rushda eventually won on the 20th hole. In the final match between Bonita and Iliska, Iliska was 1 up coming up the 18th and Bonita holed a beautiful putt to square the match and Bonita then won on the 19th hole.

Wilna Bredenhann won the B Division, it was great to have a mother and daughter winning two division

A Division Bonita Bredebhann beat Iliska Verwey on the 19th hole

A Division Flight Rushds Mallick beat Michaela Fletcher on the 20th Hole

B Division Wilna Bredenhann beat Linky Malan 2 up

C Division Tarryn Brosutzky beat Chantelle Bader 2 up

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