Statement from GolfRSA – 29 May 2020

29 May 2020

Further to the regulations in respect of Alert Level 3 announced on Thursday, 28 May 2020, we would like to address the concerns of the entire golf industry.

The vague nature of the regulations has led to different interpretations and was fuelled by misleading information in the media.

In a video conference meeting with the Director General of the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture and his team earlier today, it was confirmed that as things currently stand, golf courses will not be allowed to open under the Alert Level 3 regulations.

However, please be assured that we are still in ongoing discussions with the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture on your behalf. The department is in turn actively engaging with the National Command Council in order to seek more clarity on golf and other non-contact sports ahead of the Minister’s briefing on Saturday, 30 May.

GolfRSA, the Sunshine Tour, the PGA of South Africa and the Club Management Association of Southern Africa are firmly united in their belief that golf courses and facilities should open for all golfers. Best Practice in other parts of the world has seen golf return for recreation and exercise in accordance with Covid-19 protocols. These bodies all support the belief that golf for all should return before any professional golf tournaments resume.

It was reiterated in the conference call with the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture today that the survival of the golf industry is dependent on a bottom-up approach. Revenue generated by amateur participation is what funds the facilities that, in turn, employ thousands of people. The professional game is entirely dependent on this eco-system for its existence.

Fellow golfers, the industry is too valuable to all of us to make rash and uncalculated decisions and unity amongst all the role players in golf is arguably now more important than it has been since the lockdown started.

We ask all golf industry role players, members, golfers and staff to exercise patience and to give us your support as we continue to consult with government on your behalf.

To avoid misinformation and confusion, we urge you to consult the latest updates on the Covid-19 Hubs on our respective official websites and our official social media platforms.

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