Southern Africa Golf Hall of fame to be launched

The Sid Brews Golf Heritage Trust (Trustees – South African Golf Association, Women’s Golf South Africa, Sir Rupert Gull, Dorian Wharton-Hood, Harry Brews, and Barry Cohen) will launch the Southern Africa Golf Hall of Fame on Wednesday, 23 December 2009, at the Hyatt Regency Oubaai – Golf Estate & Spa.

Main Objectives:

• Safeguard past history of golf in Southern Africa

• Recognise those who have made a significant contribution to golf in Southern Africa and Internationally

• Inspire future generations

• Assist Garden Route tourism

• Raise funds for charitable purposes

The project consists

1. Museum

2. Celebrity Charity Golf Tournament

3. Induction Gala Banquet

The Museum consists

• Memorabilia

• Research Library

• Hall of Fame Locker Room

• Retail centre

• International Putting Green (outside)

Memorabilia includes the ‘Peter Sauerman Collection’ which is the premier golf collection in South Africa, as well as various memorabilia loaned or donated, such as various trophies won by Ernie Els, Reg Taylor collection, and the Sid Brews memorabilia.

This is the first Golf Hall of Fame to be launched outside of the USA and Canada, and has the support of all South African Golf Bodies.

These events will be televised and reported upon by both local and international crews. Clearly the event has international prominence, especially given that Southern Africa has produced the most major winners post World War 2 outside of the USA.

A list of the 23 selected Inductees (including the Induction Committee details) are as follows:

Induction Committee:

Dennis Hutchinson, Dale Hayes, Dennis Bruyns, Rita Easton, Harry Brews, Dorian Wharton-Hood, Peter Sauerman (Chairman)

Founding Fathers

Gen. Torrens


AB Godbold


RG Fall

D Hutchinson

D Hayes

Great Golfers

S Brews

AD ‘Bobby’ Locke

G Player

H Henning

S Little (Ms)

E Els

N Price

R Goosen

S ‘Papwa’ Sewgolum

M McNulty

D Frost

Golf Industry

R Grimsdell

D Leadbetter

Amateur Golf

JAW (Jimmy) Prentice

D Proudfoot

R Taylor

Women’s Golf

R Easton (Mrs – nee Levetan)


J Rupert


Most of the probable Inductees have already indicated their intention to attend. Some of those who have indicted interest include: Ernie Els, Retief Goosen, Sally Little, Mark McNulty, David Leadbetter, David Frost, Dale Hayes, Dennis Hutchinson, Rita Easton, and family members of deceased inductees ‘Papwa’ Sewgolum, Bob Grimsdell, Reg Taylor, Sid Brews

Other notable persons who have also confirmed interest in attending the event include Simon Hobday, John Bland, Calvin Pete (USA), Charlie Sifford (USA), Bantu Holimisa, whilst we have already received memorabilia from Trevor Immelman, David Leadbetter, Retief Goosen, John Bland, Phil Ritson, and Greg Norman.

We await invitation confirmation from other inductees, overseas iconic golfers, prominent personalities, and politicians

Program of Events

1. 09:00 – Celebrity Charity Invitational tournament – Oubaai Golf Resort

2. 18:00 – Opening of the Museum – Hyatt Regency Oubaai

3. 19:00 – Induction Ceremony – Hyatt Regency Oubaai

4. 20:15 – Gala Banquet – Hyatt Regency Oubaai

Event Details

Induction Banquet: Hyatt Regency Oubaai (150 attendees)

• Dale Hayes is the MC for the Induction

• Dan Nicholls is the MC for the Banquet

• Entertainment by Drummers, & The Sterling QC (All-girl classical rock band)

Celebrity Charity Invitational tournament: Oubaai Golf Resort (120 participants)

• Dan Nicholl is the MC

• Entertainment by ‘Mario’

• Gifts include shirt, cap, diary, wine, magazine, goody bag

• Prizes for all

• Golf professional tuition available

• Interaction on course at sponsored holes

• Drinks include energy drinks, whisky, and wine

• Mike Scholz trick shot exhibition

• Celebrities include iconic golf and sporting personalities

• Lunch

• All participants will receive a CD of their swing professionally analysed, as well as photos of their 4Ball as a memento

For further information please view our website by clicking here

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