South African Team Arrives in Swaziland

Good Day all.

Interesting travelling day to Swaziland, and what a day it was!

It started off with Pams flight being delayed by 45 minutes which kinda unsettled everything else. The Warrathas rugby team was checking in opposite us at SAA. We were over-weight and by the time I had paid, it was an hour later and the whole Warrathas rugby team had checked in. The check-in for our flight had closed. We then sprinted from the furthest point of the Domestic departures to the furthest point of the International departures – people thought that we were sprinters, never mind golfers. The three of us are now known as the Black Flash. It had Tannie Pam in the lead followed by me, Beaut, then tailing us was the youngster Boxer (Marne) who eventually kicked of her shoes and tried to catch us.

In the mad rush to make the flight we did stop for a Kodak moment which I will send to you for the website when I get home. When we went through security half of Boxer’s Toiletries where taken away – this is when Tannie thought it was a brilliant time for another Kodak moment…… the security didn’t think it was such a good idea and we where highly repremanded for taken a photo in a high security zone…. We got to the gate as they where closing it and doing final calls.

We arrived in Swaziland and it is stunning – very hot and the course is lovely. Pam had a brilliant moment last night while we where sitting with all the other countries – she said “What a stunning sunset – makes you feel like you are in Africa!” …Hello Pam, we are in Africa!

We played our practice round today which didn’t go to badly and it is very interesting. We are excited and are looking forward to the tournament starting tomorrow.

Oh, the accomodation is stunning we have a jacuzzi right outside my bedroom door. The ladies are absolutely amazing here and are willing to do just about anything for us.

I’ll let you know scores – Have a wonderful day

From the Black Flash

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