SAGDB coaches enjoy R&A Rules Course

SAGDB Gauteng regional manager Andy Ostle and regional coaches Prince Modiba, Tshepo Mokoena and Michael Khumalo were among 29 participants who attended the R&A Level One Rules Course at Randpark Golf Club on Friday.

The one-day entry level course is the first phase of the R&A’s Three-tiered Rules Education Programme, which forms part of the global R&A Working for Golf campaign.

Central Gauteng hosted the fifth course, which was presented by South African Golf Association Assistant Executive Director, Neil Homann.

“When I heard about the course, I thought it would be a great opportunity to give some of the coaches in the SAGDB programme in Gauteng the opportunity to expand their basic knowledge of the rules,” Ostle said.

“I took along Prince, who coaches in Soweto, Tshepo, who teaches in Alexandria and Lyndhurst and Michael, who coaches in Diepkloof.

“I was very keen for my coaches to try this initiative by SAGA. Having done the course myself and after hearing the feedback from Prince, Michael and Tshepo, I think all the SAGDB coaches countrywide could really benefit from the course.”

The course is split into three sessions, including a theoretical session in the morning, followed by a practical session in the afternoon and the examination. Homann was assisted by Dr. Vic Sorour, who does regular duty as a rules official on the Sunshine Tour.

Ostle said he and the coaches enjoyed both sessions and did much better than anticipated on the exam.

“The sessions deal with the basic rules of golf and etiquette and what to do in the situations that most frequently arise on the golf course,” he explained.

“I have to applaud Neil on his teaching style, because you never once felt like you were stuck in a classroom. He handled the material, illustrations and explanations in such a way that it made sense to young and old.

“The coaches really enjoyed having the rules explained in layman’s terms and then seeing the rules applied in practice by Neil and Vic. They responded especially well to the practical instruction, which is something they want to take back and implement with the children in the SAGDB programme.

“I am delighted that our coaches did so well, because it is important that they have the basic knowledge to impart to their students. I’m pleased as punch that we embraced the opportunity afforded us by the SAGA.”

Written and released by Lali Stander on behalf of the South African Golf Association.

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