SAGA overwhelmed by Handicap Tender response

The South African Golf Association (SAGA) received fifteen tenders in response to its Handicap and Course Rating Tender document published at the end of last month.

“We are overwhelmed by the positive response,” said Enver Hassen, President of the SAGA. “We were expecting around five tender submissions.”

The SAGA is embarking upon a process whereby it seeks to establish a partnership with a company, having the necessary expertise and resources, to manage its Handicapping and Course Rating system through a central file server. This server will then be accessible to independent service providers and golf clubs where affiliated golfers’ handicaps will be calculated and published.

“Our Tender Review Committee has decided to revise some of the deadline dates published in the tender document due to the unexpected response,” explained Hassen. He went on to say this Committee will now require more time, than first envisaged, to carefully review all submissions and to draw up a shorlist of what it considers the better submissions. The companies appearing on this shortlist are required to attend an oral presentation before this Committee. “The date was originally scheduled for 25 and 26 March 2009, this is no longer possible,” said Hassen. “We hope to have the initial review of all tenders concluded by the end of March and then hold the oral presentations on 6 April in Cape Town,” he concluded.

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