SAGA Offices move to Randpark Club

Entrance to Randpark Club, where the SAGA Offices will be based as from the beginning of September 2009The South African Golf Association (SAGA), the governing body for men’s amateur golf in South Africa, will be moving their head office from downtown Sandton to Randpark Club in Randburg (Johannesburg) towards the end of August 2009.

“The lease, for the premises we currently occupy, expires at the end of August. The landlord has indicated to us that they need the office space for the building’s anchor tenant, Bowman Gilfillan,” said Enver Hassen, President of the SAGA, in explaining the reason for the move.

“We are pleased to announce that Randpark Club have provided us with adequate office and storage space. We look forward to moving there and settling in, in an environment more conducive to the sport we serve,” concluded Hassen.

“We welcome the SAGA to our newly improved facility,” said Doug Bain, Chief Executive Officer of Randpark Club. “The SAGA will be located in what used to be the Pro Shop. We are proud to be home of the governing body of amateur golf in South Africa for at least the next five years.”

Randpark Club has two 18 hole golf courses, Randpark and Windsor Park.

“We will have new telephone contact numbers, which we will make available as soon as they are provided. However our postal address will remain the same,” pointed out Bruce Younge, Executive Director of the SAGA.

“We plan to be fully operational, in our new premises, by the beginning of September,” said Younge.

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