SAGA and NGN reach agreement

The South African Golf Association (SAGA) and National Golf Network (Pty) Ltd (NGN) have reached agreement in which the two parties will work together in the successful implementation of the new SAGA Handicap Central File Server (SAGA Handicap Server), it was announced today.

In a joint statement, Enver Hassen, president of SAGA said, “I am pleased to report, as a consequence of this agreement, golfers will not be charged more for handicap services in 2010 and golf clubs can expect a seamless transition to the new SAGA Handicap Server.”

“In cooperation with NGN, the country’s biggest handicap service provider to golf clubs, the SAGA is now well positioned to successfully implement its new service to golfers. We are appreciative of the cooperative stance taken by NGN in reaching this agreement,” said Hassen.

“We have always supported the concept of SAGA introducing its Handicap Server. I am pleased to say we have now reached the point where the SAGA has agreed to accommodate NGN in a mutually acceptable manner that is also good for the sport,” said Paul Smulders, chief executive officer of NGN.

The two parties have signed a memorandum of understanding in which they agree to enter into an agreement in which, in broad terms, the SAGA achieves its objective of setting up a central repository for all affiliated golfers’ scores and official handicap calculations. NGN, on the other hand, will continue to play a meaningful role in the SAGA’s vision and business model in relation to handicap services to golfers in the next four years.

“In essence it is our intention to phase in the SAGA’s Handicap Server service to our clients without a drop in service levels. The transition from the one service to the other will start early next year,” said Paul Smulders. “We have agreed that the terms of all current agreements golf clubs have with NGN will be honoured.”

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