SAGA and Ekurhuleni host R&A Rules Course

Juniors Sarah Bouch and Caitlyn MacNab were among the 44 delegates that successfully completed the R&A Level One Rules Course, hosted by the Ekurhuleni Golf Union at Benoni Country Club on Saturday.

South African Golf Association Assistant Executive Director, Neil Homann, presented the one-day entry level course, which is part of the R&A’s Three-tiered Rules Education Programme.

Bouch would like to see all her contemporaries complete the course.

“I decided to do the course so I would have a better understanding of the rules,” the 17-year-old from Serengeti Golf and Wildlife Estate said.

“I think that the eight hours I spent on Saturday could turn out to be the best investment I’ve made in my career. I think all young players should do the Level One course.

“There are many options when it comes to unplayable lies and hazards. If you don’t know what your options are during in a tournament and you make the wrong choice, it can cost you a lot of shots.

“I feel much more informed after the course and I have the confidence that I will choose the right option in the future.”

The delegates spent the first part of the day in a theoretical session, followed by a practical session before the one hour examination.

Justin MacNab attended the course with his daughter, Caitlyn, a five handicap golfer who plays out of State Mines.

“I have to applaud Neil, because the attendees varied in age from my 12-year-old daughter to people in their seventies, yet he presented the material in a way that everyone could grasp,” MacNab said.

“I found the course very informative and thorough. I think all amateurs, especially those that compete at national level like Caitlyn, can benefit from this course.

”We all think we know the rules, but I was amazed at the mistakes we all make. You can really benefit from knowing the rules, even just getting the basics right.

“Caitlyn still had an incredible time and was thrilled to participate in the course. We both learned a lot.”

The R&A’s Three-tiered Rules Education Programme forms part of the global R&A Working for Golf campaign and the entry level course covers the basic rules, etiquette and the most frequently occurring situations that arise on the golf course.

“All the delegates were sent a pack to prepare for the course,” said Ekurhuleni Golf Union president, Martin Saaiman, who was also in attendance.

“Neil did a series of demonstrations with Lynn Truluck and Howard McLaren from Ekurhuleni Golf Union after the theoretical session and the practical application definitely put the rules into perspective, especially for the younger participants.

“I have to commend Neil for the way in which he conducted the course. It was incredibly informative, straightforward, but his manner invited participation and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

“I believe all golfers – young and old, amateur and professional – would benefit from doing the R&A Level One Rules Course.”

Written and released by Lali Stander on behalf of the South African Golf Association.

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