SA leaps into the lead in Swaziland on day 1 of the RAACT

With team mate Marne Roos scoring a two-over 73, including a 19 metre birdie putt, South Africa leapt into a nine stroke lead over Swaziland. Pam played well today and felt more confident before the round.

Not required on the day, Ashleigh Holmes writes, “I struggled a bit. I shot 78. I just couldn’t get the hang of the greens. “

These are the scores: Angola – 209; Botswana – 171; Namibia – 169; SA – 145; Swaziland – 154 and Zimbabwe – 164.

Describing their first day in Swaziland, Ashleigh reports, “We just chilled at the pool and chatted to the other teams. We had a nice braai with all the other team. However we where the cause of a minor golf cart accident on our way home last night from dinner… Imagine the 3 of us waving to you in the complete dark. The guy in the first cart stopped instantly and the guy behind was still checking us out and drove straight into the front guy. No one was injured so it’s all good. We are staying quite far from the club house and we don’t have a light on the golf cart, so at night we have to use these torches. “Marne Roos

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