SA Juniors claim victory at Triangular

The South African Golf Association’s Junior Team claimed a comprehensive victory over the South African Golf Development Board (SAGDB) and a Scottish side, comprising members of the Scottish Golf Union’s Mens National Squad, at the annual Triangular at Randpark Golf Club on Tuesday.

The SA Junior side triumphed with 17 points, with the Scots on 12.5 points and the SAGDB team on 6.5.

The morning foursomes provided tight contests among the teams, with the after the SA Juniors and Scots tied on 4.5 and the SAGDB collecting 3 points. However, the country’s leading juniors stamped their authority in the singles to emerge as convincing victors.

The SA Juniors produced some inspired shot-making throughout, including a spectacular hole-in-one from Jason Froneman at the 17th.

Ekurhuleni’s Froneman and Paul Boshoff, David Meyers from Central Gauteng and Limpopo’s Hennie du Plessis notched up wins against both teams to help the side to a 5 – 3 victory over Scotland and a 7.5 – 4.5 result against the SAGDB.

South Africa’s number one Kyle McClatchie recently led a SA Junior side to victory against a four-man French team and was equally thrilled with the result.

“The foursomes were extremely tight and we knew we would have to fire in the singles,” McClatchie said. “Every member of the team took the task at hand very seriously. You can tell from the results just how hard everyone worked to ensure our victory.

“We all feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to compete in the Triangular, because it is truly a fantastic experience for all of us, not only our team. The Scots are great opponents and the SAGDB side was very impressive, especially in the foursomes.”

The SAGDB’s only half point against the SA Juniors came from KZN’s Phiwakahle Mkhoma, who delivered a courageous performance against Jovan Rebula, never letting the SA number two get away.

All square coming down the par five 18th, both players pitched their second shots within seven feet of the pin, but neither player made the eagle putt. Yet, halving the match with birdies seemed a fitting conclusion to a terrific match.

The contest between the Scots and the SAGDB was tighter, with six of the eight matches going to at least the 16th hole. The visitors eventually closed out a 5 – 3 victory, but the SAGDB players will take heart from some stirring performances.

Southern Cape’s Franklin Manchest provided the highlight of the day when the 15-year-old defeated Scotland’s number two ranked player, Bradley Neil.

The Scot, who tied for second in the SA Stroke Play Championship just last week, put up a fight all the way down the home straight, but young George golfer took the spoils with a 1-up victory. Other victories came from Mkhoma and Hayden Garcia.

After a strong showing in the foursomes, the SAGDB team would have felt they were right in the fixture, but unfortunately they didn’t manage to convert on that opportunity.

“We know that we had a chance going into the singles,” said team captain Cedric Rooi. “This is the first time we were in that position and perhaps being in unfamiliar territory is the thing that beat us today.

“We are hoping that next year we’ll put ourselves in that position again, and I know that if we do we’re going to do better. I really feel that this year we made this a competition between three teams, not only two.”

SAGDB’s managing director Grant Hepburn was particularly pleased with the manner in which the players approached the tournament.

“For me it’s exciting that every year at this event, we get better,” he said. “The feeling of arriving here and knowing that you’re going to struggle has gone. The team can come here now knowing that if they play their best golf, they have a chance.

“That’s proven by the guys that won their matches, and how close many of the other matches were. If you take into account that our players are far less experienced than the opposition, they certainly did very well.

“It’s important that it’s always played in a good spirit, but also a very competitive spirit. Even though it’s a friendly, everyone out there was taking it very seriously and was treating it like an international match.

“I’m particularly proud of the way the SAGDB team conducted themselves and how they competed. They showed great manners, great team spirit and they walk with their heads high.

“They fly our flag very proudly, and they are a great advert for what we do.”



Scotland vs SA Juniors

G Robertson & E Ferguson lost to K de Lange & P Boschoff 1 down
B Neil & D Young lost to H du Plessis & J Froneman 1 down
J Savage & S Gibson beat A van der Merwe & D Meyers 1 up
B Kingsley & C Syme beat K Mc Clatchie & J Rebula 1 up

Scotland vs SAGDB

G Robertson & E Ferguson halved with F Manchest & A Mallick
B Neil & D Young halved with C Rooi & N Croy
J Savage & S Gibson halved with P Mkhoma & F Kana
B Kingsley & C Syme beat H Garica & K Mkhoma 7 & 5

SA Juniors vs SAGDB

K de Lange & P Boschoff beat F Manchest & A Mallick 3 & 1
H du Plessis & J Froneman lost to C Rooi & N Croy 1 down
A van der Merwe & D Meyers halved with P Mkhoma & F Kana
K Mc Clatchie & J Rebula beat H Garica & K Mkhoma 6 & 5


Scotland vs SA Juniors

G Robertson lost to P Boschoff 3 & 2
B Neil lost to D Meyers 1 down
E Ferguson beat A van der Merwe 4 & 3
D Young beat K de Lange 1 up
S Gibson lost to J Froneman 5 & 4
C Syme lost to H du Plessis 4 & 3
B Kingsley lost to J Rebula 2 down
J Savage beat K Mc Clatchie 1 up

Scotland vs SAGDB

G Robertson beat N Croy 2 & 1
B Neil lost to F Manchest 1 down
E Ferguson beat A Mallick 4 & 2
D Young beat K Mkhoma 6 & 4
S Gibson lost to H Garcia 1 down
C Syme beat C Rooi 3 & 2
B Kingsley lost to P Mkhoma 2 & 1
J Savage beat F Kana 4 & 3

SA Juniors vs SAGDB

P Boschoff beat N Croy 3 & 2
D Meyers beat F Manchest 1 up
A van der Merwe beat A Mallick 4 & 2
K de Lange beat K Mkhoma 6 & 5
J Froneman beat H Garcia 3 & 1
H du Plessis beat C Rooi 3 & 2
J Rebula halved with P Mkhoma
K Mc Clatchie beat F Kana 4 & 2

Back, fltr – Alvin van der Merwe, Jovan Rebula, Paul Boshoff, Hennie du Plessis and team manager, Neil Homann.
Front, fltr – Keegan de Lange, Kyle McClatchie, David Meyers and Jason Froneman

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