SA Golf Presidents attend R & A Meeting

Erica reports, “The Captains chair was donated by South Africa in the mid 50’s – this is used by the captain at all meetings held at the club house. The picture inside the club house is taken with the Open jug, amateur trophy and the belt – all for the Open Championships.

“The conference was attended by more than 148 delegates from golfing bodies around the world plus 15 R & A officials and 11 R & A executive members. Amongst topics discussed was Golf Development worldwide, Pace of play, Amateur Golf Rankings, Olympic Golf, Anti Doping, The Golf Course, Golf’s Social Role and in these difficult times The Way Forward. The conference was most informative and one realises that in all countries the problems are the same. Not enough development, problems with handicaps, growth of juniors golf, less rounds on the courses in this economic climate, membership at clubs and how to bring in non affiliated golfers into the game. The need for flexibility of membership and looking at bringing down the length of time spent on the course – maybe shortening some competitions to 9 holes for those working people? It is time to start thinking out of the box and finding out what it will take to bring more players into the game.

“There is lots to think about and digest – but changes are needed to bring the game up to date with current trends – shorten the time to play – what with 7’s rugby and 20/20 cricket – what can we do for golf!!”Enver Hassen and Erica Lefson inside the St Andrews Clubhouse

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