Reports from Poland

23rd July 2010

Report from Dr Susanna Rosswag on Round Two

“Round two started with warm dry weather conditions with steady wind very good for scoring. Mateusz Gradecki leads with second round with even par 72. Mateusz after nine holes was three under par leading the tournament by three shots, but fell back on back nine and finished level par and is leading the tournament by one shot. First round leader Thai Chanarojnarong Wattanakul finished three over 75 and is only one shot behind the lead. The low score for round goes to polish player Jedrzej Gasienica-Ciulacz ( Binowo Golf Club) who scored three under par 69 and moved into second pla

Live scoring available at www.wjgs .org

Report from Erica Lefson on first two days:

“Day 1 of the tournament was an early start for South Africa’s Amandt Scholtz and me. I have been put to work as a rules official and so for my day – I enjoyed every bit of it. The rules team is headed by a woman… sounds familiar…. and they are really efficient. So my day was spent finding balls, point of entry to water hazards and playing of provisional balls… The rain came down for about half an hour otherwise a perfect day for golf.

“Armandt did not have a good relationship with his driver today and where his putts all dropped yesterday in practice nothing dropped today – 78.

“Roux really played great golf……. he was well under and then on his down swing on a par five a gun shot went off and he hit a shocking shot because he got such a fright — ended with a triple on a birdie hole. He would have had a great under par score instead of his level par finish – 72. Joubert played solid golf and a few loose shots cost him his five over – 77.

“Lwazi played a great first nine – and then the rain came – he had two doubles that he feels gave him his 76 – which consisted of both birdies and a few more dropped shots.

“Kim did not play good golf. This started in the practice and I feel she lost confidence – she had no idea where her ball was going to end.

“After the game today Tom Burnett – President WJGS and a great coach who has helped Connie and Yushira, spent two hours with her after h

“On Day 2, the wind came up but there was no rain. Armandt had a great 71 and still felt he left a few shots on the course. Lwazi struggled a bit….. ended with a 79 – his shots were not as accurate but he is confident and hitting the ball well.

“Kim still struggling with her game but says she feels as if she hit the ball much better today. She has spent a lot of time on the practice range and Tom says she has good basics and will be a great player…. just needs confidence.

“Joubert played a solid game today – the wind took its toll and he lost a few balls – but he said he was putting well and kept his score down by one, putting many times to save par.

“Roux is playing a very good game….. he climbed up to fourth position at one stage but with drops at the 9th …. into the hazard and 16th he ended up two over….. he just could not sink a birdie putt.”

Live scoring

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