Pam’s consistency increases SA’s lead in RAACT

Ashleigh HolmesAshleigh Holmes reports, “Today went pretty much the same as yesterday for the team. Pam is playing consistent golf and shot a one-over par round again today. Marne said she struggled off the tee and was seven over, but my game was better today – I putted much better and shot a one-over par round of 72. These greens are incredibly hard to read.|

“The heat is starting to get to us a little bit – we are all pretty wacked this evening and are about to have dinner and then retire to the rooms for the evening. Today we just chilled once again and went to the Cow Shed to watch the rugby – thank goodness the Sharks won otherwise I would have to have organised another room for Boxer to stay in. We also played some pool at the Cow Shed.

“After golf tomorrow, we are going to go down the river on tubes and really looking forward to that. We have been really spoiled here and thoroughly enjoyed this tournament.”

Scores after round two: RSA 289, Swaziland 310, Namibia 326, Zimbabwe 328, Botswana 356 and Angola 424.

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