Pace and Caudal visit Girls’Development Program in Stellenbosch

Five time winner on the European Ladies Golf Tour and 2011 Henderson Order of Merit winner Lee-Anne Pace, along with LET Tour winner Anne-Lise Caudal took time out from their training to coach the girls of Webervallei Primary Golf Development Program.

The program, an initiative of Stellenbosch University Girls’ Leadership Academy, in conjunction with Boland Ladies Golf, focuses on developing girls’ leadership skills through golf.

“ The bottom line of the Academy is to develop young women’s leadership skills and promote a healthy and active lifestyle so that these girls can carry the skills through with them into the future. There are a number of core values that golf encourages and through the use of mentors and role models we strive to equip young girls with skills that would assist them as they launch their future careers.” Says Jenny King the program manager. “We could not have asked for better role models to support the program than Lee-Anne and Anne-Lise”

“The talent discovered through this program is testament to the wealth of talent undiscovered not only in this country but Africa. Programs like this afford opportunity to young girls to discover these skills and nurture them, and perhaps one day produce a future champion, if not on the golf course, in life.” Says Lee-Anne Pace. “I have enjoyed meeting the girls and motivating them to continue with the program, there excitement is contagious and I hope to return again to see their progress.”

The girls were all treated to a gift pack courtesy of Puma and Cobra.

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