News from Lynn-Marié Nagel in Utah

Former Limpopo player, Lynn-Marie Nagel who is studying at Utah Valley University, sent an email with good wishes to WGSA. This may be of interest to other SA juniors who wish to study at colleges in the USA.

Top students Lynn-Marie and Bertine Strauss both achieved seven distinctions when they wrote their matric exams in 2010.


This is a quick newsletter to share some news about my adventures in the USA with you!

It has been an absolute blessing and privilege for me to be able to study at Utah Valley University. I have had the opportunity to travel and play golf on some of the most beautiful golf courses and I have met amazing people up to date!

We played golf in the states of New Mexico, Idaho, Nevada, HAWAII and Utah of course. Hawaii was absolutely gorgeous and we even practiced at the Arnold Palmer Course at Turtle Bay.

I am currently enrolled to major in BSC Business Management which I am thoroughly enjoying at this stage. I am very grateful to have passed my first semester with flying colours!

I had the opportunity to hear Billy Casper speak at a private gathering at Utah Valley University, which was fantastic! I also got to see some of the cast members of the new Twilight Movie at a red carpet event and concert in Salt Lake City!!! I saw snow for my very first time, it was enchanting! I absolutely love it! The cold is something us South Africans are not used to, but I am definitely growing accustom to it as time passes.

The food is very different but I enjoy it (sometimes a bit TOO MUCH though)!

I started hitting full shots about a week and a half after I came to Utah. It has been a long road to recovery, my knee is still getting stronger, but at least I am strong enough to carry my golf bag and walk eighteen holes! AWESOMENESS!!!

My tournament scores were the following:

2 September 2011 – Wildcat invatational; Layton, Utah. – 18 holes: 82

12 + 13 September 2011 – Circling Raven Collegiate Invitational; Worley, Idaho. – 54 holes: 82, 78, 78

3 + 4 October 2011 – Nevada Wolfpack Classic; Dayton, Nevada. – 36 holes: 77, 85 (EISH!!!!!!!!!)

10-12 October 2011 – Price’s Give Em Five Classic; Las Cruces, New Mexico. – 54 holes: 75, 74, 75 (Yeah! Better!)

1+2 November – Rainbow Wahini Invitational, Ko Olina, Hawaii – 54 holes: 80, 79 and 74

Our Fall season ended just after Hawaii, so we will be practicing indoors until March when our Spring season will be starting.

The university offers a lot of opportunities for me to grow as a person and therefore I am looking forward to joining the Center for the Advancement of Leadership this upcoming semester where I want to hone my leadership skills and earn certification by doing so.

Thank you for all the support, I appreciate it a lot!!! May you have a blessed 2012!

All the best

Lynn-Marié Nagel

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