National Squad - Women 2024

The GolfRSA National Squad is a three-tier squad, made up of the Elite Squad, Group B and Group C squads.  The objective is to ensure that our best players have access to top coaching staff, both golf, and mental coaching, and the latest technology using Trackman, to help progress their game.

Potential candidates for the squad are identified by the National Coaches and the WGSA Executive, and are put through the different squad groups according to their performance.  There is also a feeder squad, called the Qalisa Squad, where young players who show great potential are introduced to the squad ethos.

The squad attends camps throughout the year, where their golf skills and fitness levels are put to the test, they also attend sessions with our Sport Psychologists, to ensure a well rounded programme.  Our camps are based at the beautiful Serengeti Golf Estate, where we have access to conference rooms, catering, gym, driving range, cub course and Par 3 course.

Our National Squads are overseen by :

Head Coaches                                     Val Holland and Anna Becker-Frankel

Trackman Specialist                            Costanza Trussoni

Sport Psychologists                             Grant Flaum (Elite & B) and Shaun Landsberg (Group C)

Biokinestist & Sport Scientist               Bianca Bloemhof & Team

Elite & Group B                                    Susan Andrew

Group C                                               Madeleine de Wet

We are very fortunate to receive generous funding from Mr Johann Rupert, and the Department of Sports and Culture, and are thereby able to provide squad players with different levels of financial assistance.  Players can be moved up or down a level during the year, depending on their performance.

January 2024

GROUP  - ELITE Notes Union
Bobbi Brown Western Province
Ellandri van Heerden Promoted from Group B Gauteng Central
Gia Raad Promoted from Group B Gauteng Central
Jasmine Furstenburg Promoted from Group B Southern Cape
Kesha Louw KwaZulu-Natal
Kyra van Kan Gauteng North
Zané Kleynhans Gauteng North
Caitlyn Macnab Mississippi State (Aug 2023) Ekurhuleni
Kaiyuree Moodley Charlotte - North Carolina Central Gauteng
Kajal Mistry Arkansas Central Gauteng
Kaylah Williams Florida State University Western Province
Kera Healey Univ of Tennessee at Chattanooga Central Gauteng
Megan Streicher North Carolina Boland
Samantha Whateley Mississippi State (Aug 2023) Central Gauteng
Stephanie Barbaglia San Diego State (Jan 2023) Central Gauteng
GROUP B  Notes Union
Charlotte Millard Gauteng Central
Alessia Goussard Boland
Casey Twidale Promoted from Group C Central Gauteng
Kaitlyn van de Vyver Promoted from Group C Western Province
Kaylee Webster Promoted from Group C Gauteng North
Lisa Coetzer Ekurhuleni
Megan Marais Promoted from Group C Gauteng North
Olivia Wood KwaZulu-Natal
GROUP  - C Notes Union
Phenyo Sebata Gauteng North
Lea van der Merwe Gauteng North
Ali Ann van Schalkwyk Promoted from Qalisa Western Province
Ame van der Merwe Promoted from Qalisa Gauteng North
Isabella Han Promoted from Qalisa Ekurhuleni
Isabella Heber Promoted from Qalisa Western Province
Maegan Webster Promoted from Qalisa North West
Orateng Maphake Promoted from Qalisa Gauteng North
Shivania Kalimuthu Ekurhuleni
Zoey Rhoda Promoted from Qalisa Western Province
Bobbi Brown
Bobbi Brown