McClatchie and Telfer ready for Olympic lift-off

South African juniors Kaleigh Telfer and Kyle McClatchie enjoyed a second official practice round on Monday, although it was another wet day in Nanjing, China and the pair are primed to tee off in the first round of the Summer Youth Olympics on Tuesday.

“The rain only let up around lunch time, but they teed it up with Robert Macintyre and Annabel Dimmock from Great Britain and got the job done,” said code manager, Gavin Reynolds.

“Kyle will be teeing off from the first in the Boys Competition, while Kaleigh is off the 10th in the Girls Competition. The boys and girls will swap starting tees in round two, and the leading players will go off the first in the third round.

“The greens are still slow, but are at least running faster and smoother than Sunday. With all the rain we’ve had here, I don’t think they will get any faster.”

Reynolds said that more rain is on the cards.

“They are expecting good weather for the next three days, which is a plus,” he said.

“There are thunderstorms forecast for Friday and Saturday, which will hopefully come and go before Kyle and Kaleigh start with the Mix Gender Team Event.

“The humidity is a real issue, though. The average temperature will be around 30 degrees Celsius for the next three days and the humidity at around 86%.

“Dehydration and exhaustion is a huge concern among the coaches and managers and we are all consulting regularly with the medical staff to manage the issue.”

Telfer tees off later today alongside Julianne Alvarez from New Zealand and Maria Merchan from Venezuela, while McClatchie lines up with Feroz Garewal from India and Norway’s Viktor Hovland.

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Written and released by Lali Stander on behalf of the South African Golf Association and Womens Golf South Africa.

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