Liezl Klotz qualifies as a PGA Professional

Liezl Klotz qualified recently as a PGA golf professional and is pictured here with Caryn Louw when the two received their certificates from Dennis Bruyns.

Outgoing North West President Rina van Zijl sent the following news to WGSA.

“Former North West golfer, Liezl Klotz, has been studying to be a professional coach for the past three years and has recently qualified as a Class A PGA Golf Professional. At the graduation ceremony it was mentioned that she was the 2nd best graduate of the class of 2011 in the RSA!

“She is presently coaching at the Potchefstroom Country Club, where she is doing excellent work.

“We are indeed proud of her contribution to the game, first as player for many years and now as a dedicated coach to players of all ages and abilities.”

Liezl added a note when she sent the above photo, “Caryn Louw qualified as the best Graduate for Class 2010/2011 and I came in second. I think it was the first time that the girls graduated above the guys.”


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