HNA has recently added an interesting new feature to the Score Entry screen on the Handicaps App, website and terminal. The new feature requires golfers to select whether their recent round was a social or competition round, whether it was played as an individual or as part of a team and whether it was a match play or stroke play round.

The background to this small, easy-to-operate change is that GolfRSA is looking to ensure that the Handicap Committees of all users of the HNA handicap system have the necessary information to fulfil their obligations during the Handicap Review process.

The Handicap Committees of clubs are important stakeholders as they help ensure that the Handicap Indexes® (HI) of all golfers whose handicaps are managed by HNA are fully transportable and fully compliant to meet the requirements of the World Handicap System™ (WHS™).

The image below indicates the criteria that Handicap Committees need to consider during a Handicap Review of their members.Based on the current understanding of the nature of rounds submitted for handicapping purposes, the default setting is for Individuals playing a social Stroke Play round, meaning that golfers can submit the majority of their scores with no need to supply any additional information.

The landing page when a golfer wants to enter a score on the App now looks like figure 1 below. Essentially, if the golfer has played an Individual Social Round of Stroke Play (with a marker), they can enter their score as they have previously been doing.


Different Scenarios

  1. Round was played in a team, not Individual

There are, however, certain circumstances where a golfer played in a team. The definition of a team is when a golfer plays with a partner(s) (Better Ball or Alliance). Refer to the Rules of Golf, Rule 3.1b.

Should this be the case, the golfer should select the “Individual” tab and the option to select Team will come up. Select Team.

  1. The round was not Social, but a Competition

Should the game not be a Social round, but a Competition round, the golfer should select the Social drop-down tab and select Competition.

A Competition round is any round played against a clearly-defined field where a golfer is competing against other golfers within organised parameters.

Competition rounds include (but are not limited to):

  1. Club competitions
  2. Tournaments
  3. Championships
  4. League matches
  5. Corporate golf days

A Social round is any round where there is no clearly-defined field or competition.

  1. Stroke Play or Match Play

Should the round played be a Match Play and not a Stroke Play round, select the Stroke Play drop-down tab and select Match Play

The definition for Match Play and Stroke Play is as defined in the Rules of Golf, Rule 3.1a.

In summary, when the golfer has played a Social Match Play round he/she only has to change one of the tabs and it would look as follows:

Should you have any questions relating the application please contact, and for all other enquiries please contact

GolfRSA Handicap Committee