is easy to underestimate the combined value of your child’s assets such as tablets, phones, laptops, textbooks, sports gear, clothing, furniture, appliances and even their first car, when they fly the nest and embark on their next adventure as a student. A holistic insurance plan will mitigate the risk of theft, accidental damage or loss which could leave you seriously out of pocket.


Portable assets

Affordable cover can be arranged for risks linked to your household contents cover such as smartphones, smartwatches, laptops and so on, provided that these items are specified under your ‘All Risks’ cover.


Insuring a student vehicle

  • Telematics is a young driver’s best friend when it comes to building a track record and profile with an insurer.
  • Comprehensive motor insurance is the widest level of motor insurance cover available, covering accidental damage to your vehicle in addition to third party, fire and theft.
  • Adhere to the provisions of your insurance cover such as security requirements – a tracking system, immobiliser and parking in a safe, locked premises at night.
  • Consider additional personal liability top-up cover, given the risk of major claims in the event of an accident or incident where the young driver is proven to be negligent.
  • Don’t get sucked into low premium pitfalls - while premiums may be cheaper, the catch comes in with a very high excess in the event of a claim.
  • Don’t buy a high-powered, expensive first car as an inexperienced driver is unlikely to handle the power and speed.
  • Zero tolerance for drinking and driving. Make sure they have access to Uber and never drink and drive.


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