Provide a Ranking in which performances in Counting Events over a rolling 12 months period.

Counting Events

Each year the SAGA determines which of its sanctioned tournaments count towards the Ranking (Counting Events). This is published with its schedule. Both Stroke Play and Match Play tournaments are included as Counting Events.

Eligibility for Ranking

Players that are members of a golf club affiliated to a Union that is a member of the SAGA, are eligible – meaning all players with an official SAGA (HNA) Handicap.

Who gets Points?

All players participating in a Counting Event, regardless of eligibility, are allocated points based on their finishing position as follows:

  • Stroke Play: All players making the cut;
  • Stroke Play: Up to 65th place and ties when there is no cut;
  • Match Play: All qualifying players (i.e. from first round losers).

For examples on the distribution of points by final finishing position, see Figure 1 below.

How does a player win points?

Each Counting Event is allocated a total points pool. The total points pool is distributed, as a percentage of the total, by final finishing position. For example, the
winner of a Stroke Play competition, gets 10% of the total points pool. If the total points pool is 1000 then the winner will receive 100 points.

How are points for players tying managed?

In the event of more than one player tying on a score, then all players on the same score will get the same number of points calculated as follows: Add all points the tied players would have got had they not tied; divide the total by the number of players tying; all players are then allocated the result (which is an average). Exception: In the event of a tie on the leading score, on conclusion of a Counting Event, then in the event of a playoff the winner will be given 1st place points. The remaining players will be considered tied in 2nd place and get the same number of points calculated as stated in this paragraph.