Handicap FAQ now available on this website

The South African Golf Association (SAGA) has published, on its website www.saga.co.za, a list of most commonly asked questions with corresponding answers, it was announced today.

“There are couple of issues that club golfers write regularly to the specialist golf publications about. One is the SAGA’s Handicapping System,” said Enver Hassen, the SAGA’s President. “In order to address some of these we have drawn up and published this document,” he concluded.

The SAGA introduced a revised Handicapping and Course Rating System on 1 July 2007. Although the process of handicap calculation remained inheritently the same, the SAGA did away with a player’s handicap being 85% of an average of the best ten scores of the last twenty submitted, now giving a player 100% of the same average, being the player’s full handicap. The governing body also introduced a handicap allowance for team competitions, this being 75% of a player’s full handicap.

“It appears that the latter, the issue of a handicap allowance, that raises the most questions.The newly published article should help answer some of the more common questions in this regard,” concluded Hassen.

To view full list of questions click here

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