Du Plessis and De Doncker step up roles within GolfRSA

GolfRSA’s Wimpie du Plessis

GolfRSA is pleased to announce that Ms Wimpie du Plessis, the head of the GolfRSA Handicap and Course Rating team, will represent South Africa on the USGA/R&A-led World Handicap System (WHS) Committee with immediate effect. With the 2020 implementation of the WHS only months away, GolfRSA is confident that Wimpie’s contribution will ensure that clubs and golfers in South Africa will experience a smooth transition to the WHS.

GolfRSA would like to acknowledge and thank Mike McGrath for the excellent work that he did on behalf of South Africa as our representative on the WHS for many years.

As GolfRSA’s World Handicap System Executive, Wimpie has been mandated to establish a project team to deliver the following objectives:

  1. 1)  Oversee and manage the rating and continuous re-rating of golf courses in accordance with the USGA Course Rating Standard guidelines.
  2. 2)  Plan, manage and oversee the implementation of the World Handicapping System in South Africa for January 2020.
  3. 3)  Plan, manage and oversee the rating of par 3 courses, including being able to add forward tee markers on existing golf courses that would shorten the courses into eighteen par 3 holes. This gives existing golf courses the option of being able to offer a shortened (par 3) course that would be rated.

GolfRSA’s Greg de Doncker

GolfRSA also wishes to announce that Greg de Doncker, the current Transformation and Development Officer, will with immediate effect also assume the responsibility for the administrative functions relating to Course Ratings in South Africa.

Greg’s new title is Course Rating, Transformation and Development Coordinator, and he will report to Wimpie du Plessis.

All requests relating to interim course rating requirements, course re-ratings etc, must be sent to the email address set-up for this purpose, namely, courseratings@golfrsa.co.za