The R&A, the joint world governing body announced yesterday that they would permit the use of distance measuring devices (D.M.D.s) at all their AMATEUR EVENTS for 2014.

The Local Rule (optional) has been available under the Rules of Golf since 2006 and the R&A are now exercising this option with effect from 2014. This Local Rule will be introduced for the R&A’s AMATEUR EVENTS ONLY and will NOT be introduced for the Open Championship or any qualifying events for the Open Championship. It is not a recommendation for others to follow suit but as we, the S.A.G.A. generally follow the R&A’s suit we have decided to allow the use of Distance Measuring Devices, by introduction of the appropriate Local Rule only, at all S.A.G.A. National Tournaments and Championships with immediate effect. Players are reminded that devices that also measure conditions other than distance only would constitute a breach of Rule 14-3 and not permitted, whether used or not.

The use of D.M.D.’s will therefore be permitted at the forthcoming

S.A. Stroke Play and S.A. Amateur Championships.

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