Connie gets to have a lesson from David Leadbetter

Connie Chen reports from Orlando. “I had a great time practicing at Champions Gate. Wednesday was the best day of my life because I got to meet Trevor Immelman and Suzanne Petterson. As if that was not interesting enough I also got time with David Leadbetter.

“After arriving at the range at 9.30 and practicing, Erica arrived back at 1.30 as she wanted to try and interview David Leadbetter. At this interview David offered to look at my swing and so I decided to wait!!

“Well eventually when he had finished all his lessons at 5.30pm, he gave me a lot of time and tips and then I stretched it a bit and asked if he would look at my putting. It was freezing and I could hardly hold the putter but I would not have gone in for all the tea in China. It was an amazing experience that I will take with me for the rest of my life.”Connie Chen with David Leadbetter

Erica Lefson said she had really enjoyed interviewing David. “I asked some direct questions on women’s golf – and some interes ting comments that I will share with all the players back home – how the game has grown and when one should consider turning pro. Also good advice on tournament preparation.

“I also spoke to Trevor Immelman who has just started to prepare to start playing again after his injuries. They were all so relaxed and easy to talk to. Connie was really spoilt by the best in his field.”

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