Central Gauteng take control

Ryan Dreyer Central Gauteng, enjoyed success in both matchesCENTRAL Gauteng reversed their first round sub-standard start, to the South African Challenge Cup interprovincial on Tuesday, to claim a fullhouse of points on the second day’s play at Port Elizabeth Golf Club on Wednesday.

After managing only three singles points on the opening day, Central Gauteng lived up to their favourites bill to claim an amazing eight out of eight points from Wednesday’s foursomes and betterball matches.

It was an impressive performance and was obviously ignited by the shock they had to deal following the first round.

As a result they now hold a one-point lead over nearest rivals Western Province going into the final round of singles on Thursday.

Central Gauteng manager Howard McLaren was a pleased individual. “It’s unbelievable really. Yesterday was a bad day. I think the guys sort of realised that and put their heads down today and the result is unbelievable,” said McLaren.

He admitted his team was shocked into performing.
“We had a chat but I think they were so disappointed at what they had done so we left it at that. There might have been a bit of complacency yesterday,” he said.

It’s anyone’s tournament at this stage but it is unlikely that the President’s team will recover from their performance on Wednesday. After leading overnight, it all went pear-shaped for the President’s team in the foursomes and betterball. They only managed to claim one point and now find themselves three-and-a-half points off the lead. They do have a mathematical chance of winning the event but it is very unlikely.

The Eastern Cape side only managed three points with Johan Vorster and Justin Meister the only side to win their betterball match in the afternoon. The host side, however, are too far back and will only be playing for third position.

SA Challenge Cup inter-provincial
Day two, Port Elizabeth Golf Club

C Rooi (Pres), J Hess (Pres) bt M Westner (EK), H Delport (EK) 3/2; C Jonck (GN), M Wessels (GN) lost 2/1 to M Lotz (EC), S Brock (EC); R Dreyer (CG), T Ryan (CG) bt D Gerhardi (WP) J Laurie (WP) 5/4; D Knock (EC), J Meister (EC) bt M Maile (Pres), M Mazibuko (Pres) 4/2; E Nel (WP), K Hitge (WP) lost 2/1 to M Meyer (EK), G Myburgh (EK); J McLean (CG), R de Smidt (CG) bt T McComb (GN) H Minnie (CG) 1up; S Mallick (Pres), T Maseko (Pres) lost 3/2 to R Strauss (WP), L Ehlers (WP); J Vorster (EC), R Taverner (EC) lost 1dn to D van Tonder (CG), D Pearce (CG); W Kukard (EK), W Stroebel (EK) lost 4/3 to C Roos (GN), H Celliers (GN); T Muggeridge (CG), B Flanagan (CG) bt M Tewary (Pres), C Coelho (Pres) 6/4; F Coetzee (GN), J van Tonder (GN) bt N Swart (WP), A Carris (WP) 1up; J Greyling (EK), S Reynolds (EK) bt C Evans (EC), C Nortier (EC) 6/5.
Foursomes team scores (out of four): Central Gauteng 4, Eastern Cape 2, Ekurhuleni 2, Gauteng North 2, President’s 1, Western Province 1.

C Rooi (Pres), J Hess (Pres) lost 6/5 to C Jonck (GN), M Wessels (GN); R de Smidt (CG), J McLean (CG) bt J Greyling (EK), S Reynolds (EK) 4/2; E Nel (WP), K Hitge (WP) bt S Brock (EC), R Taverner (EC) 4/2; M Westner (EK), H Delport (EK) bt M Maile (Pres), M Mazibuko (Pres) 5/4; C Nortier (EC), M Lotz (EC) lost 2/1 to T McComb (GN) H Minnie (CG); R Strauss (WP), L Ehlers (WP) lost 2/1 to R Dreyer (CG), T Ryan (CG); S Mallick (Pres), T Maseko (Pres) lost 1dn to J Vorster (EC), J Meister (EC); M Meyer (EK), G Myburgh (EK) lost 2/1 to D Gerhardi (WP), J Laurie (WP); C Roos (GN), H Celliers (GN) lost 2/1 to T Muggeridge (CG), B Flanagan (CG); N Swart (WP), A Carris (WP) bt M Tewary (Pres), C Coelho (Pres) 1up; D van Tonder (CG), D Pearce (CG) bt C Evans (EC), D Knock (EC) 1up; F Coetzee (GN), J van Tonder (GN) bt W Stroebel (EK), W Kukard (EK) 3/1.
Betterball team scores (out of four): Central Gauteng 4, Eastern Cape 1, Ekurhuleni 1, Gauteng North 3, President’s 0, Western Province 3.

Standings after three rounds: 1 Central Gauteng 11, 2 Western Province 10, 3 Gauteng North 8.5, 4 President’s 7.5, 5 Eastern Cape 6.5, 6 Ekurhuleni 4.5.

(Copy courtesy Alvin Reeves, The Herald, Port Elizabeth)

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