Bertine Strauss meets Kelli Shean at the University of Arkansas

Bertine Strauss reports from Orlando, Florida, “I went to visit two universities on my arrival the USA, before returning to Orlando for the practice rounds of the Annika Invitational.

“Before I went I had an idea of how it would be and it was much better than what I ever expected. My first visit was to the University of Texas in Austin. It is a great place and the facilities are amazing. The athletes receive a lot of support academically and the staff are always prepared to help in what ever way you need.

“I went to watch a basketball game and it was an amazing experience – the atmosphere at the game was indescribable. The team spirit among the girls on the team is fantastic and it really is a wonderful opportunity to play golf among the best players.

Kelli Shean and Bertine Strauss in Arkansas“My second visit was to the University of Arkansas where it was snowing – so it was a new experience for me. The girls took me sledging and I loved it. It was great to see Kelli Shean again and she is having a great time at university. She says that she has learned so many new things playing over here.

“Both universities are very good and it is definitely great to improve your game if you play for them. The structures are in place to help their players be the best they can be. Everything that you would ever need to improve your game can be found playing college golf.

“The Annika Invitational tournament is starting tomorrow and Connie and I are looking forward to having a wonderful experience.”

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