Beaut reports from Turkey

Hi All

Just a little update about our trip so far.

It was a really long trip over here. We left at 6pm Sunday evening, landed in Dubai at 5am, 3am South African time and we departed for Istanbul at 14:30pm again. We had a nine hour wait and after landing in Istanbul at 6pm and had a hectic time trying to make our next flight to Antalya.

Yvette’s luggage arrived this afternoon. She had some of my clothes and some of Kimbo’s stuff on. Our trip in total took 30hrs for us to finally arrive at our hotel room at 11:30pm last night.

Erica had a moment of note today when she asked one of the Turkish employees who’s flag was the red one with half a moon on and a star. Mrs Lefson just so you are now aware – it is the Turkish flag – the hosting country’s flag in actual fact.

We have just been finding ourselves today in this awesome hotel – lying around at the pool for most of it – and then we heading for a 9 hole practice round which didn’t go to badly. The course seem very parklands tight, and generally in good condition.

We have a full practice round tomorrow morning and we are keen to get this tournie under way. We are all heading to dinner shortly and then going to watch a show at the outdoor amphitheatre.

Ciao from Tannie Yvette, Kimbo & Beaut

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