Samantha Barber


Known as: Sammy
Date of Birth: 1995/08/20
Nationality: South African
Player ID: 2700 050 315
Club: Mowbray
Union: Western Cape


Family Information

Does your mother play golf? – Yes
Does your father play golf? – Yes
Do you have siblings who play golf? – No

About You

At what age did you begin playing golf? – 11
How did you become interested in playing golf?
– Living on a golf estate in Mauritius and encouraging me to start playing.
What is your most memorable golfing experience? – My 2 holes-in-one!
If a College student or graduate, what did/do you study? – N/A
If you work, what is your occupation? – N/A

Other Interests

Do  you play any other sports? – Swimming, running, gym and surfing
Highest achievement in a different sport? – Golf, Silver and Bronze medals in running and swimming
What do you like to do when not playing golf? – Socialising with friends, eating sushi and going to festivals
What is your favourite music? – Trace, dubstep, pop

About your Golf

The best round of golf you ever had? – 70 – more than once
Are you Ladies Club Champion of any golf club? – Yes, Tamarina Golf Club (Mauritius)
How many holes-in-one (where & when)? – Two holes-in-one: – 2007 – Tamarina Golf Estate (9th hole) | 2012 – Rondebosch Golf Club

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