Insuring your jewellery

Golf RSA | Insuring your jewellery

Sound advice to make sure your wearable assets are correctly insured Your treasured items of jewellery are no doubt valuable and often sentimental items that need protection from theft or loss. Aon, insurance brokers and risk advisors, provides five top tips to make sure your jewellery is correctly insured: Make sure the valuation certificate is…

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From the Fringes: An Introduction

Golf RSA | From the Fringes: An Introduction

“The zone of contention’, ‘the money zone’, ‘the scoring zone’, are some of descriptions used to sum up the importance of the fringes’ areas around the green for any golfer hoping to return a good score. ‘Anyone’ (this writer being a definite exception) can cover a 550-yard par five with a booming drive and then…

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An introduction to The Business of Golf

Golf RSA | An introduction to The Business of Golf

When we look at the business of golf on a global scale, it quickly becomes evident that many of the strategic and management challenges are common to all golf facilities and businesses, no matter how different their geographic location might be. Outside of the local rules, which govern on a regional and individual facility level,…

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