Ambition Argentina kicks off at Mar del Plata

Val Holland reports from Mar del Plata where the South African team for WATC are acclimatising. Sandra Winter, Kim Williams and ConnieChen are seen here doing push-ups at the beach!!

Hi All,

Hope that you are all well back in SA. We arrived safely. All flights and transfers went smoothly. Our taxi trip to the RCI resort was a bit scary. Like being back home. the cars here are not great. A lot of very old ones around. Everybody just seems to be doing there own thing on the roads. The condition of the roads are shocking.

We were exhausted by the time we got to the resort and very thankful for this week to find our feet and settle in. We think that we will only really be feeling ourselves by tomorrow.

We spent the whole of Monday sorting out accomodation and a hired car that we realized we cannot go without. Public transport is difficult and limiting. Once we had our car we felt much better and we felt like we belong.

The weather is very similar to George/Cape town this time of the year. Sunny skies but chilly wind off the sea. The beaches are nothing compared to back home. Argentina is different to what we expected, a lot of very poor areas as you can see from our one picture, the course we are using runs along side a dump and finding the main enterance was no easy task. There are so many stray dogs around you really have to keep your wits about yourself as a driver. I am driving and Sandra is navigating. Just as well Sandra had some Spanish lessons – would not have coped without some Spanish as hardly anybody speaks English. They are preparing a barbeque for us – and it looks as if there is half a cow on the fire. Looking forward to it.

We are staying in a lovely place – it is like a guest house and the owner – Richard – speaks English as his father was from England. It is right across from the sea. This morning we had a nice workout. We ran to the beach and Sandra worked out a beach program. (see pics below) We were all exhausted, but felt good for the rest of the day.

We played nine holes and did a good on course session and although the rhythm is not quite there yet – the short games are looking solid.

We are getting on really well as a team. The spirits are high and Connie is enjoying her first senior trip away (amazed at how the senior’s rock – sorting out a car, changing accomodation making a plan with no gym all in the flow of things)

We will keep in touch.


Val, Sandra, Kim and Connie

Kelli Shean will join the team on Friday and her news from Knoxville, Tenn – Mercedes Benz Collegiate, is that she yet again emerged as the team’s top finisher shooting rounds of 69 /72/72 and finishing in sixth spot, leading Arkansas to a second team finish over all. Yet another top finish to go with her second two weeks back.

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