Is Your Golfing Insurance on Par?

Golfing is steadily growing as a favoured pastime and golf estate living is a lifestyle that increasing numbers of South Africans are embracing. People are drawn to the allure of country living in the heart of the city that addresses security concerns and eliminates the need for 6-foot walls and electric fencing, offering unobstructed views of pedicured lawns and gorgeous scenery.

“The lifestyle comes with quite a hefty price tag and what many owners fail to consider is the cost of insurance,” says Mandy Barrett of insurance brokerage and risk advisors, Aon South Africa. “Golf balls can wreak quite a bit of devastation on your home in terms of broken windows, cracked roof tiles and chipped walls. Owners should also consider these aspects at the design stage of their home, utilising materials that can minimise the impact of a 45.93g, 41.1mm ball, moving at 200 km/h, with strategic positioning of windows and the inclusion of wrought iron balustrades as opposed to glass ones,” suggests Mandy.

“Apart from wrapping your home in bubble wrap, damage is inevitable and it is a good idea to consult with your broker to confirm what you are covered for and whether there are any existing exclusions on your policy, which may well be the case in a golfing estate,” says Mandy.

Cover that is often overlooked is that of golf cart insurance. “While the chances of your golf cart being stolen are relatively slim, there is the possibility of damage to the golf cart or even worse, third party damage if the golf cart is accidentally driven into a fence, for example. Another aspect to consider is personal liability covers in the event of personal injury to a person or their property. These are questions that are worth discussing with your broker,” suggests Mandy.

Sometimes overlooked is the cover of golfing equipment and apparel. “An entry level golf set can cost anything from R2 000 while a top of the range driver alone can cost close to R10 000 with a high-quality set of gold clubs amounting to a small fortune,” says Mandy.

“Most golfing enthusiasts obtain insurance cover for their equipment and apparel under their household insurance. It is, however, pertinent to understand that household contents cover means just that – contents that stay within the home,” warns Mandy. “The minute you load your golf club bag in the boot of your car and drive to your favourite golf course, it ceases to be covered under household contents unless it is specified under the All Risks section of your insurance policy,” she adds.

Individuals who prefer bespoke insurance solutions should investigate a household contents policy that includes worldwide assets all risks cover. “Such cover is normally taken up to a portion of the household contents sum insured and effectively eliminates the need for you to contact your insurance provider as and when you purchase new items that can be taken out of your home on a worldwide basis, such as sporting equipment, as these items will be covered up to an agreed amount,” explains Mandy.

Private insurance broking carries a mark of distinction that is backed by solid expertise to manage even the most complex of personal portfolios. “The brokers’ role is to examine your circumstances in detail and impartially recommend covers to meet those needs. Choice, simplicity of wording and customisation will ensure that your valuable items are covered correctly. Not only does it provide a sense of relieve not having to worry about the unforeseen, but a broker’s expertise will also ensure prompt and fair settlement of any claims so you can get back to doing the things you enjoy in life, without delay,” concludes Mandy.

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