A tribute to Nelson Mandela

Womens Golf South Africa joins the nation in mourning the passing of Nelson Mandela. As the federation controlling amateur women’s golf in South Africa, we salute this great man who has inspired us all.

He understood how important sport is in our country and used this as a nation-building strategy when he donned the no. 6 jersey at the Rugby World Cup in 1995. For the older generation, he gave us back our dignity as South Africans. Many of our young players were not born when Nelson Mandela changed the face of South Africa, but we hope that they will always remember that they are beneficiaries of his wisdom.

There are many lessons that we can take from Nelson Mandela and apply to our lives, both on and off the golf course: commitment to goals, humility, inspiring others, and of course integrity. Womens Golf South Africa pays tribute to a man with enormous courage, who led a truly inspirational life and whose amazing generosity of spirit is a gift to us all.

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